Experienced Entrepeneur

BPE, Dip Ed, HMA, 3P,. OAM.

Terrie is an author, speaker, mentor on fresh thinking, happiness & productivity. Also showing  the way with her mastery of resilience.

She has been in business from the age of 23 years and ran her first company for 13 years with a sincere interest in delivering results, a clear passion for service and for the discovery of what makes a business ‘tick’.

Her experience covers 7 years in customer service – retail, 13yrs running her own  (micro) company as well as 13yrs in her current consulting practice.​

This included over a decade consulting to large corporations and 26years in specialist consulting.

Along with her business ventures she has raced internationally as a tandem cyclist and brought home gold and world records for Australia.

My Philosophy

I have seen too many genius and empassioned people fail in business due to some basic fundamentals that seem easy, yet are tricky without the right support.

Being an entrepeneur and owning a business is an exciting venture. Enabling a person to express the passion they have in a particular interest or strength.

At the end of the day tho, this is a means to putting food on the table and ensuring the monetary requirements for life are established for yourself and your loved ones.

These two functions can both be enjoyable yet feel conflicting at times when it comes to

prioritising between serving the customer, maintaining the enjoyment and fulfilling required business administrative functions  - as well as building a good repuration and looking afer yourself.

Two fundamental action points in all of this are firstly, ensuring you keep your head about you to think straight and prioritise clearly as you work in solo-isolation, so that you focus on what is necessary at that time, and to also have a clear human understanding that makes it easy to manage yourself and others.


There is nothing we do in business that does not involve human interaction - be that with yourself or with others.