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Mental resiliency may seem on the surface as if it is about ‘mind over matter’, being hyper-vigilant to your focus, rising above, refocussing and the other words that push us to DO something to be resilient, apply some strategic thought process.

Yet the actual fact of our mental fortitude is something much more simple, nurturing, endearing and heart-warming.

Realise that you need to let-go of what is on your mind. 

Let go.  Go do something else, distract.

Then see what comes to mind.

Pursuing your current thinking when you are feeling confused, disappointed, upset, let-down, angry, hurt, writers block, bewildered, lack of creativity, disinterest in work (etc, etc) will bring you more of the same. 


This has you hold on to the original thought that led you down the path of feeling this way in the first place.


Mental resiliency lies in the realisation that 'you are the thinker'.




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