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A friend had just (finally) completed putting together a DIY FLATPACK for an office chair.

I too had just completed putting together a chair that had arrived in a flat pack box.

One would think we would have known what we were in for – yet no, we didn’t.  We sorta did, but really didn’t.

Her story she hilariously shared on facebook  She had reached out to friends, family and via facebook for help as she just knew that this was beyond her (and may I say she is a competent, intelligent business woman). 


Turns out, due to location and timing, same as me, she had to valiantly carry on and worked it out herself – eventually. 

Me, I too struggled with this task and shared with her my version of the DIY Flat-Pack Chair Challenge.

My facebook post:

Terrie Sanders Ah ha ha (deleted) - funny that, I too just finished a DIY chair myself...hmmm, thought I was doing well. About to put 2nd arm on then noticed a little 'L' sticker which meant the first arm I had placed on the wrong side of the chair. I started again. Then found the person who set the sticker doesn't know their Right from Left. I can proudly say I finished building 2 chairs on the weekend - which actually was only one. Live and Learn eh ! xx


This is your take-away:

For all entrepeneurs, coaches, consultants, leaders etc...give clear directions, have your facts right, remembering your client doesn't live in your world of knowledge.


Make it clear and attainable - or they will go ask someone else.

Even if they get to completion, it is the feeling with which it was accomplished and their faith in the end product that is remembered.

Avoid being a flat-pack consultant.