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At the core of getting a handle on human understanding, is realising more about our capacity of Thought.

When it comes specifically to Thought, we all have completely separate realities.


Our thinking is uniquely our own and is powerful, wise, memorable, energetic, yet uniquely different to one another. 

So it is not within this separation that we meet, that is just where we make agreements. 

We come to an understanding together – and even then, we can still have our own idea of what that agreement might look like, unbeknown to both parties.  Which is why agreements need to be very, very clear – especially for agreements that are very, very important. 

Otherwise, if of less importance - let go the slack and open up to hear and comprehend another’s reality, easy as she goes.  Laughter, humour and enjoyment as part of the course.  This helps one stop blundering on thinking you know what is on someone else's mind or travelling too far in your own illusion of what another may or may not agree to.

This is where one needs that ‘connection that delights’. To ride along together and smooth out your understandings further and deeper as required. 


You want to be surfing the waves of clarity and understanding, not grovelling in the undertow of confusion.


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