Essential Tips for Entrepeneurs

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When you are employed you are asked to fulfil a position.  And, as unique as you might like to make it, and as amazing as your employer would like you to be - as an employee it is respectful and necessary for you to understand that the company is not yours to decide the direction it takes.  Your job as an employee is to be part of the team that makes the company goals come to fruition.  If you are aligned deeply enough to the goal you may find yourself invited into the decision-making positions.  If not, do an excellent job or become an entrepeneur.  Don't stay and taint anothers' dream.  That is vindictive, totally unfair and an act of jealousy. It's also not good for your resume or reputation.

IP is your Intellectual Property.  This is not something you have heard another say, or something you have the rights to that someone else created. A retail business sells other's work and can do this respectfully and  successfully and, done right, can be inspiring.

The simple and impactful way to explain your IP is by way of a story shared by Charlie Munger in an interview:

"I'm often visited by young men who say something like -

'I'm practising law and I don't like it, I want to be a billionaire, what do I do ?'


And Charlie says to them -
'Well, I'll tell you a story...

A young man goes to see Mozart, and he says - "Mozart I want to start composing symphonies".

Mozart asks - how old are you ?

The guy says '22'.

And Mozart says - You are too young to do symphonies.

The young man says, but you were 10yrs old when you were composing symphonies.

Yes, but I wasn't running around asking other people how to do it."

For your own sanity - work your own IP.

Here's to Success AND Happiness.