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Terrie Sanders draws on her business experience to bring to her clients the foundations for success as well as guidance for establishing the practicalities.

Always with her focus set for her clients on Success AND Happiness.

Happy Relationships
Happy Bank Account
Happy Life.



Three words:




Simplicity in action.

We used to use a term 'managing by walking around'.  Not sure why we need a term for this, yet the truth is if you get in the mix with your staff and the customer (and remember you need to serve your staff too) they'll tell you what you need to hear.  Just chatting, interacting, no agendas.  Just making yourself available. Enjoying them.

Here are just 2 points to consider:

One tripping point can be working out your professional relationship with your customers. When we love what we do and someone appreciates that, we often can feel like they are our potential new best friend.  And some people do become friends over time and that is special,.  Yet the number of people you will have as customers and the fact that you are running a business for income purposes, one needs to get clear about Leadership, Professional roles and Friendship.  Otherwise you might feel overwhelmed and they confused.

The second point to take into consideration is how to set up some interactions with your customers over and above any naturally occurring interactions.  This deesn't have to cost, yet it does take some know-how to make the most of the online environment as well as time to develop the way that feels most comfortable to you. You will also need to maintain your authenticity and credibility whilst continuing to delight your customer.

Tho careful as you go - all the technology, gizmo's and fancy ideas will never win over the simplicity of a well timed phone call or simple email by someone who Listens, Communicates and Delivers with sincerity.