Mentor, Speaker, Author

BPE, Dip Ed, HMA, 3P,. OAM.

Happy Entrepreneur Mentoring came from the fact that Terrie knows an Entrepreneur - Requires Happy Relationships.  Needs a Happy Bank Account And Wants a Happy Life.

Yet this often times remains unspoken and unsupported for the small business owner and solo-entrepreneur.

Once you are in business, the usual everyday support networks do not apply. 

This is a whole new world, and requires support from people who have been there and understand. Confidentiality is paramount.


Terrie knows the importance of being able to coach along with someone in their unique situation. To nurture them along and to see them proud of what they have created.

My Mentoring

Terrie's Mentoring is clear in her 'How'.  She is a master of breaking things down into simple terms. Her goal being to bring out the best in you.


To delight you with showing you what you are actually, truly capable of.

With the central goal being what she terms 'Applied Wisdom'.

So - there are some things we need to KNOW. Some things we need to REALISE. And some things we need to DO.

There are 15 fundamentals to progress through, with Applied Wisdom at the core.

With these in play, at minimum we are able to work more independent and confident in our decisions, innovative & forward thinking as well as fully engaged with work, people, life.

My Clients

Clients are met where they are needing the assistance. that will make the most difference for them. Generally they fall into 4 categories depending on where their business is in 'play' at the time.


he 4 CATEGORIES_2.png

Although this is easily read as a continuum through time, for those who have been in business a while, you will know that this circles back and around in different situations,  therefore different needs.

Private mentoring is conducted via a:

  • 6 Week Program

  • OR 6 Individual Sessions

  • OR as a 6 Months. Mentorship.