Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs



Nobody goes into a conversation to misunderstand.

We go into a conversation to share, learn, connect, enjoy.  And on a practical level, form an agreement.

So why, oh why is it so common that there are misunderstandings ?

Choice of words here have been careful – think of it more as ‘missed understandings’.

Unbeknown to us most of the time, we live from expectations that are invisible to ourselves.

We live hopeful that what will fit into our world is what another will offer us.

Yet, truth be known, every interaction with another wonderful human being is an intersection where you choose to meet and walk different paths, or meet and walk down the same path with agreement.

In business, our excitement for a new venture can take us down a path where we think quietly to ourselves –

“oh that will come out in the wash”
“we can cover that again later”.
….just to get a project off the ground.

Slow your excitable mind down. 
Keep your head about you.

Yes, we need connection etc, etc.

Yet business can be very different to personal.

There can be a lot at stake with a misunderstanding.

So here is the bottom line - unless you have:
Complete clarity. 
Complete understanding.
And it feels right.

Unless you can:
Completely explain to another person clearly and precisely what your agreement is that you are going to sign.  Don’t sign.

You either have an understanding
a missed understanding.

You can’t have both.