Essential Tips for Entrepeneurs



Life can get tough.  Really tough.

And you can get familiar with particular clients, customers as you work with them.

Yet, what is too familiar ?

What is the difference between being a leader and being a friend ?

This is one perspective on answering that in the business setting…

If your business is having difficult times, there may be some things your clients, customers need to know. 


They may need to know you are doing some spring-cleaning so to speak that may affect your availability e.g. stock-take, taking some leave, change of office hours etc.

What is best, is also that they don’t hear from you about your personal laments, excuses and any ‘woe is me’. 


This is the equivalent of hanging out your ‘dirty laundry’ for others to see. 

And no-one likes to see another’s dirty laundry.   

As an entrepreneur it is useful and wise to have professional support.  You want someone who is experienced in business, knows how to uplift you and knows about business ‘dirty laundry’.  They will handle it fine and hold confidential what you share openly and appropriately.

Your clients, customers want to continue to trust in your competency and capability to deliver.  They need to know what they ‘need to know’.  And only that.

So, to stop things getting too messy, still attend to your laundry - don’t ignore it or it may just build up in the corner - just be aware of who you choose to see it.