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Happy Entrepeneur - Really ?

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Yes, Says Terrie.

Terrie Sanders draws on her business experience to bring to her clients the foundations for success as well as guidance for establishing the


Always with her focus set for her clients on Success AND Happiness.

Happy Relationships
Happy Bank Account
Happy Life.




Establishing income streams and the recording of financial status are necessary business functions, yet not always a natural lean for people starting out as an entrepeneur.

Here are 3 Keys to consider.

KEY #1

The excitement of having your own business, the passion for the reason you are in it and the desire to service customers 100%, often leaves income accuracy and financial recording as the last

functions to be carried out

Although this looks like a time to say 'get yourself organised' (which is necessary), it is more about the mindset you need to take on as an entrepeneur....that your business is about making money.

KEY #2

Like it or not, money is an influential system of transaction in our society. As a small business owner, we are usually in business because we LOVE what the business stands for and delivers. One quickly learns that the owner however, becomes the lead negotiator, business transactions manager and fully responsible for financial leadership, systems and standards. Both for your team, the business as well as for yourself.  Understanding the significance of money in business along with getting clear about how you want your life to be, what you want your day to be filled with - for your own fulfilment - is important to master for entrepeneurial success.

KEY #3

This one can be a bit more subtle.

We treat well what we are grateful for.

To have gratitude for the money that is coming our way brings a deeper quality of thankfulness, an excitement for what this brings to our lives and the good we can do with the gift of money.  This in turn brings a harmony and enjoyment in the need to be accomplished at financial recording and management.  Both for the business as well as ensuring you are setting yourself and your loved ones up for their future....and delighting your customer.