Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs



You know you have reached the realm of the Happy Top-Notch Entrepeneur, when you have stopped saying this.

3 reasons you will have stopped saying these words:

  1. Because you will have got back to the person timely.

  2. You have stopped apologising, as you are feeling more in control of your day, week, business

  3. You will have reset the foundations from which you work within yourself, and are walking and living a ‘different talk’.Meaning, you are operating within yourself differently.

To elicit change, it can look on the surface as if you need to do something different at the practical level.  

And this may simply be the case in some situations – however, the slippery bit is that, this will only occur once you have had an insight to change it.  Whilst you are still doing it, you can’t see it.

Once you have seen clearly what is actually going on.  And once you have slowed down and realised that YOU are the driver of how you are seeing and approaching life, people and your business - things will change – overnight.


“Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner”.  Is not an apology.  It is a statement that someone else or something else is more important than the person to whom you are saying this.  Busy doesn’t mean successful.


Only use this if there is an exceptionally unique calamity that is unexpected and unforeseeable, when you really, really mean it.

Otherwise – go ahead and delight the people around you, everyday.