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Happy Entrepeneur - Really ?  Success AND Happiness.  Yes, Says Terrie.

Terrie Sanders draws on her business experience to bring to her clients the foundations for success as well as guidance for establishing the practicalities.

Always with her focus set for her clients on Success AND Happiness.

Happy Relationships
Happy Bank Account
Happy Life.




The first weeks, months, even years, in a new business feels a bit like learning to ride a fast bike downhill and then uphill for the first time. First you are flying along, trusting that you can stay upright.  Trusting your intuition and the little bits you already know.  You catch your breath at the bottom of the hill, then you start the heavy trudge up the next hill, grappling for which gear to use that makes the job easier and how to get a rest with your legs burning when there can be no rest otherwise the whole show will stop....phew.

You come through this both exhilarated and exhausted. Stunned yet excited.  Not sure if you are in the drivers seat or just totally overwhelmed.

This is a learning curve you will never forget. And you will find this can repeat itself with every new change and project you will add in the future.

What is important to remember is that you started off 'knowing nothing' yet high on faith. With an open mind to learn, listen, observe and serve.

You will go on to design better systems, set new standards, revise efficiencies, build new contacts, make new colleagues, expand your services, downsize, trim the spending, gift some bonuses, hire, refresh your staff, train your team, spriuk your services, take a well earned holiday.

Yet, out of all of these new skills, business vocabulary and techniques that will take your attention, you will one day realise the true value that you learnt in your first Trial by Fire....


That there is power in allowing yourself to move into the unknown with a sense of intuition and faith in yourself.


You may one day then realise that during your Trail by Fire, you were in a special place of innocence where four important qualities are naturally and instinctively at the fore: Learn, Listen, Observe and Serve.

Some call this the Unknown.  I call this the Power of Innocence.  In the real world. In real time. Remember this and it will serve you well.