Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs



Whatever Is on your mind is real to you in that moment.

So real, that you will find ways to compound that thought with other colluding thoughts to verify your thinking.


So – does that mean you ignore something that is requiring attention and just put your head in the sand, pretend everything is roses ?  No. 

It’s about how you turn up mentally to deal with whatever needs to be attended to.

Colleagues of mine Chip and Jan Chipman showed this up beautifully in their description of a job they were commissioned for...


A company had experienced a great start-up and was originally thriving.

Then, 3 years in, this same company with the same people, were concerned, discontent, judgemental of each other and not trusting other’s capabilities. 


They were worried about the ability of their company to continue to function competently and financially.

There will always be problems to solve, hurdles to jump, challenges to conquer.

And let’s remember there were many problems, hurdles and challenges at start-up when they knew absolutely nothing about business.  Had no idea what they were doing.  Yet they were happy, excited and had belief in what they all could achieve.

The problems were not on their mind.


They didn’t even know what the problems were - they were so inexperienced.  The excitement of achievement and the focus on getting together to make it work WAS on their mind.

And guess what ?
3 Years later they had dropped that happy, excited belief and replaced it with criticism, judgement and fear of lack of performance.

The feeling in the business had dropped and this was consuming them, rather than the excitement of getting on together and achieving.

This is a subtle one. 

What you can think about right now tho, is to notice how you start your day - what is on your mind ?